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Getting Hired

How do you get paid speaking engagements?

First of all, you need a promotional page that has your bio, your client list (if you have one), testimonials about what a great speaker you are, and a brief outline of up to three speeches (shouldn't be more than three).

You'll also need an updated professional photo. 

Those are the essentials.  You'll need a website (Don't forget to put your contact info on every page) and building a strong social media profile, particularly on linked in is a really good idea.  These days, meetings planners really check you out.

Find out what your competetion charges - you've got to hit that sweet spot - not too high, not too low - in order to be competetive in today's market. 

Do a few free speeches to get great testimonials, identify exactly who your ideal prospective audience is and then find and approach them.

It takes dedication and an unwavering belief in yourself to do well as a speaker - so get started and do not waver!


Posted: October 8, 2013 at 01:30 PM
By: cathleen
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Become a Six Figure Speaker

Become a Six Figure Speaker

So you have a powerful message and a great talent for professional speaking? That’s just the beginning and no assurance of earning a healthy income as a paid professional speaker.

Here’s the good news, though.   If you answered yes to the question above, you have the foundation for a great future as a speaker. The rest is cosmetic but in this industry, cosmetics are critical!

There are many paths to becoming a professional keynote speaker. Only a couple of routes, though, will get you the results you’re looking for.

That’s the reality! The path that’s right for you should be based on your strengths. Are you great at sales, super at networking or better at developing information and the written word? In the first case, you’ll focus on getting on the phone, in the second, going out and meeting people and in the third, you’ll get your info out on social media sites and in your newsletter.

Here are two essentials for every speaker, though - the realization that you’re in the marketing/sales field is central to your success. And you have to balance the areas you excel in by compensating for your areas of weakness.   This is where delegation is a good idea.

The second essential is twofold – build a great database and up-to-date records of your follow ups to inquiries. Your business, quite frankly, will die without diligent attention to this. The days of being successful without an online following are over.

I rarely recommend that speakers depend only on inspirational keynote speaking as a source of income. Remember that anything that affects the travel industry – SARS, terrorist attacks, the economy and even volcanic ash – affects the keynote speaking industry as well.

I suggest you diversify and add a couple of other things to your menu of services. Retreats? Business briefings? Mastermind groups? Training? The list goes on. If you can deliver and provide value on three different methods of delivery, you’ll do well.

I’m owner of Speakers Gold bureau and also a marketing consultant to speakers who want to make more money doing what they love.   Toss your hat in the ring and register for our showcase now – if you believe in yourself, now’s the time to prove it!

Cathleen Fillmore       416-532-9886


Posted: September 24, 2013 at 02:39 PM
By: cathleen
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Are you Playing Full Out?

I don’t really understand why so many of us stay on life’s sidelines. It’s as if we are on the threshold and when we dare to open the door to our future and our brilliance, we slam the door shut again thinking “I could never live up to that.”  There's just enormous fear around saying, "Yes, I'm capable of it, I'm going to move into it." 

Celine Dion walked right into her brilliance and so did Glen Gould and they became world players. 

Few people own their brilliance right away, they seem to need to slowly warm up to it. That’s normal and there’s great learning for all of us on the journey. What saddens me though is that some either hang around the threhold or slam that door shut forever.

That’s a great loss to them and their families. That’s also a great loss to the world.

How about you? Ready to move onto the stage? Ready to claim what's waiting for you?  This may be the first step.  Register for our Talent Show, we’re waiting to hear from you. So is the world.


Posted: September 15, 2013 at 10:32 AM
By: cathleen
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No More Hiding Out!

Are you hiding out?  Or are you bravely moving into your brilliant future?  Funny how we all seem to hestitate on the threshold of our future.  We open the door, take a quick look into our shining future and we slam the door shut again, saying, 'Oh...that's not ME.' or 'I'm not ready for that just yet.'

And some never open that door again.  Most of us move slowly toward that bright light.....and take longer than we need to.

Embracing who we really are means risk taking, taking the risk of being laughed at, of publicly failing, of falling flat on our faces.  So what?

Do you realize that the world's most successful people are also the world's greatest risk takers?

Go for it, take that risk and claim your brilliance.  The world is waiting for you....because the truth is, it's not all about you, it's about the contribution you make to others. 


Posted: August 25, 2013 at 05:47 PM
By: cathleen
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Just Do It!

Believe in Yourself

When I was starting my business, I had no idea how to go about it. I’d been taking a paycheque for years and the thought that I had to drum up my own $$$ was a really foreign concept.

And scary!

But I stared down my fear and started taking the steps I needed to get my business up and running. And here’s the biggest mistake I made....right from the very start.

I was hesitant, insecure, unsure of the value of what I had to offer and really afraid of putting it out there in case I got rejected.

As long as I was just surrounded by a self-selected group of people who see the world the way I do and who care about me, then I'm in a kind of cocoon.  Once I start going public, I open myself up to criticism and rejection.  I won't kid you, it's not easy.  The truth is, though, it's not really about.  So get over it. 

Don't be afraid to stick your neck out.  You'll never know if you don't try.  And we'll never know about you or be touched by your message.  You'll lose out on the showcase simply because you didn't enter.  YOU have to enter to win!!

Take the chance.  Sign up and send your video in.  I'll personally applaud you for it!!  I promise.

Cathleen Fillmore


Posted: July 2, 2013 at 02:50 PM
By: cathleen
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